Legal Aid in Sexual Offences Cases

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In Ireland, access to legal representation is a fundamental right, especially for individuals accused of serious crimes such as sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault or child sexual offences. Recognising the importance of ensuring equal access to justice, the Irish legal system provides a mechanism known as legal aid. This article delves into the concept of legal aid in sexual offences cases, explaining who qualifies for it, the entitlements it offers, and the crucial role it plays in safeguarding the rights of the accused. At Daniel Kreith & Company Solicitors, we represent clients under the legal aid scheme, ensuring their legal rights are protected and defending before the Courts.

Legal Aid in Sexual Offences Cases

Legal Aid is a mechanism that ensures individuals accused of criminal offences, including sexual offences, have access to legal representation, even if they cannot afford to instruct a Solicitor and Barrister as required. The legal aid scheme aims to guarantee that everyone, regardless of their financial means, can exercise their right to a fair trial and effective defence. Sexual offences are particularly serious allegations, and as such, most individuals accused of such crimes will likely qualify for legal aid. (1)

Qualifying for Legal Aid

In Ireland, if you are accused of a crime your constitutional right to legal representation is applicable. However, if you can’t afford a Solicitor, it becomes the State’s responsibility to ensure that you have access to Criminal Legal Aid Solicitors (of which our firm is a member) to represent you.

Legal aid is available to individuals who are charged with criminal offences but cannot afford to hire legal representation. The Criminal Justice (Legal Aid) Act 1962, governs the provision of legal aid services. The primary determining factor is an individual’s means, including income, assets, and financial circumstances. However, it is essential to note that the seriousness of the offence itself may have a significant bearing on whether an accused is granted legal aid, irrespective of one’s financial situation.

How Do I Apply for Legal Aid 

In deciding whether or not you qualify for free legal aid under the criminal legal aid scheme, the court will consider the following:

  • Whether you have enough means to pay for your own legal aid
  • The seriousness of the charge or offence, whether it is in the interest of justice that you should have legal aid in the preparation and conduct of your defence.

Normally an application for legal aid will be made by your Solicitor and may be as straightforward as explaining to the judge that you are unemployed and giving them details of your social welfare payments, or if you are on a low income, your salary.  However, prior to granting legal most Judges in the District Court will require sight of a completed Statement of Means prior to approving an application for legal aid, a Statement of Means requires details of your income, assets owned by you, whether you have debts and liabilities and how many dependents you care for

Role of Legal Aid in Safeguarding Rights 

Being charged with sexual offences can have severe consequences, both legally and personally, for the accused. Legal aid plays a pivotal role in protecting the rights of the accused and ensuring a fair trial. By providing access to skilled legal professionals, legal aid helps level the playing field and ensures that individuals facing such serious allegations can mount an effective defence.

When faced with accusations of sexual offences, it is essential to seek legal aid promptly. Engaging the services of an experienced solicitor can greatly assist in navigating the complexities of the legal system. At our law firm, we specialise in sexual offences cases and have a dedicated team with expertise in this area. We will arrange to apply legal aid on your behalf.

Our Approach 

At Daniel Kreith & Company Solicitors, we are part of the legal aid scheme, representing individuals accused of sexual offences. We possess extensive experience in this field and are committed to providing expert legal representation to our clients. We understand the significance of these cases for an accused person, and we prioritise protecting the rights and interests of the accused throughout the legal proceedings. With our expertise in sexual offences law and our commitment to our clients, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for every client we represent.


Legal aid in sexual offences cases in Ireland is a crucial mechanism that guarantees access to justice for all, regardless of financial means. It provides essential support and representation to individuals accused of sexual offences, helping them navigate the legal process and safeguarding their rights. At Daniel Kreith & Company Solicitors, we take pride in our commitment to representing clients under the legal aid scheme, ensuring their rights are protected, and they receive the comprehensive legal representation they deserve. If you find yourself facing allegations of sexual offences, it is imperative to contact a Solicitor who will seek legal aid on your behalf promptly to protect your rights and secure a fair trial.

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